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About Us

Cream Hill Estates is a Montreal-based company that produces and distributes pure rolled oats, oat flour and whole oat kernels (groats). We offer a purity guarantee on the products we sell and they are kosher.

Our goal is to help people with celiac disease (CD) and wheat sensitivities by providing guaranteed pure oats that are free from contamination with wheat, barley, rye and other grains.

Both our products and our manufacturing process are unique in the North American market. We are involved in the entire production from planting through to distribution.

  • We define the standards for growing and manufacturing our oats, meeting or exceeding the Canadian Celiac Association's purity definitions and guidelines.
  • We contract directly with seed growers to grow our oats, especially with those who themselves have celiac disease or have a relative with it. We feel they understand the importance of meeting our standards.
  • We monitor the quality of our processes and oat products.
  • We wholesale and retail our oat products.
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